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September 1, 2020

HP unveils additions to Z portfolio for creators and power users

On Tuesday HP Inc. unveiled additions to its Z portfolio built for professional creators and power users, who need top performance, reliability and expandability.

ZCentral 4R

ZCentral 4R stacked

HP introduced ZCentral 4R, a 1U racked workstation for media and entertainment, product development, data science and healthcare. The ZCentral 4R can fit four times the number of units in a standard racked environment compared to a similarly configured Z4 workstation. Equipped with the latest Intel Xeon W Processors (up to 18 CPU cores) and graphics options up to the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000, the unit is built for large workloads. ZCentral 4R also provides layers of security to the exterior with a lockable front panel and the interior with HP Security Suite, and is designed to be racked in a secure data closet. HP ZCentral 4R is expected to be available in October.

Z2 G5 desktops

For designers – from students and creative professionals to architects and engineers – HP is introducing the HP Z2 Mini G5, HP Z2 Small Form Factor G5 and HP Z2 Tower G5. These entry workstations deliver performance previously only available in high-end desktop workstations but at a more affordable price and in a smaller chassis.

Z2 Mini combined with a Z display

The new HP Z2 Mini, for creators using Adobe Creative Suite, was redesigned with new thermals using copper to deliver 1.4X CPU performance and three times better GPU performance than its predecessor, enabling creators to tackle complex workloads such as rendering photo-realistic 3D models. The Z2 Mini combined with a Z display also provides a full home office set-up with the ability to collaborate by racking the Z2 Mini or by simply sharing the power to co-create remotely.

Z2 Small Form Factor

The Z2 Small Form Factor now features up to Intel Xeon W processors and high NVIDIA end Quadro 3000 graphics in a chassis that is 19% smaller than the previous generation. With the Z2 Tower, users can now run multi-threaded applications while multitasking with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 graphics and Intel Xeon in a chassis that’s 15% smaller than the previous generation.

HP Z2 Mini G5, HP Z2 Small Form Factor G5 and HP Z2 Tower G5 are expected to be available in September.

Z Book

With ZBook Fury and ZBook Power, HP delivers high performance and full expandability to content creators and data scientists in a more portable size.

Woman using a ZBook Fury

The ZBook Fury is 12% smaller than the previous generation and the ZBook Fury 17 is 29% smaller this year. With NVIDIA professional graphics up to Quadro RTX 5000 or AMD Radeon RX, ZBook Fury provides high performance for any visualization – from data science to machine learning to 3D rendering applications – while multitasking. HP ZBook Fury 15 and ZBook Fury 17 are expected to be available in September .

ZBook Power

The ZBook Power, HP’s most affordable mobile workstation, makes the power of the ZBook more accessible, especially for STEM students. The mobile workstation offers fast performance and improved thermals, allowing for up to NVIDIA Quadro T2000 graphics and Intel Xeon or Core i9 processors in a chassis that is now 19% smaller, 11% thinner and nearly 10% lighter than previous generation. HP ZBook Power is expected to be available soon.

Data science software

On select Z products HP will be adding factory installation options for Canonical Ubuntu Linux and pre-loads of data science developer and execution tools. With this option, data scientists and students of data science can be productive right out of the box.

For more information about all the products announced Tuesday, view the HP press release.