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PC gaming
October 26, 2021

With Min Spec Mode, more PC players can experience Age of Empires IV

Millions of real-time strategy fans around the world have enjoyed playing the Age of Empires series for nearly 25 years. With a focus on real historical events dating all the way back to the Stone Age, the series tasks players with determining how those events played out, allowing them to experience history as it was or create a new history of their own.

Now with Min Spec Mode, players on older and lower-powered machines can experience the latest in the series: Age of Empires IV.

“When looking to bring this new game to the franchise, we knew we needed to support a diverse set of PC configuration,” said Michael Mann, executive producer at World’s Edge. “Even looking forward to the next few years, we expect 50% or more of our player base will be playing on machines that use the low spec renderer.”

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