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February 8, 2022

Royal Court free update comes to Crusader Kings III

A new update for Crusader Kings III adds Cultural Traditions, bringing Cultures more in line with Faiths, with Pillars and Traditions providing effects. This makes a lot of currently opaque features transparent in the user interface, and provides a new and exciting acceptance system for players to enjoy.

The free update also brings Inventory System, a favorite from Crusader Kings II, in a new and improved form. Collect artifacts, from weapons to crowns and regalia.

Essentially, the positions are mini-councilors that provide an effect, but have no jobs.

With the Coat of Arms designer tool, you can design your very own Coat of Arms and apply it to your House, Dynasty or Title/s. Adjust existing designs, or create a Coat of Arms entirely from scratch. As with the Ruler Designer, Coat of Arms designs can also be copied to the clipboard and shared with others. You can also save the current Coat of Arms to disk as an image file, to show off to your friends.

Check out the Royal Court update on Microsoft Store.