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Sony Updates their VAIO S and VAIO F Series Laptops

By Ben Rudolph

You know what Sony does well? Make a premium They proved that again with today’s refresh of the VAIO S ultraportable line and the high-end entertainment powerhouse F The new S is an upgrade to what is already a great… Read more

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 590

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, NVIDIA is announcing one of the most powerful graphics cards to enter the market: the GeForce GTX The GTX 590 is based on NVIDIA’s GF110 graphics processor technology (codenamed “Fermi”), just like the GTX 580 (which I talked about… Read more

NVIDIA unveils new 3D Vision Community Website

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday, NVIDIA unveiled a brand new community website that is dedicated exclusively to 3D content for people with 3D PCs and 3D On , you’ll find tons of stereoscopic 3D videos and Video content such as movie trailers, music videos,… Read more

NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTS 450

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier today, NVIDIA has lifted the covers on a new GPU from their “Fermi” family specifically targeting gamers: the GeForce GTS What NVIDIA did with the GTS 450 was look at the latest habits of today’s gamers and designed a… Read more

The 3D PC

By Brandon LeBlanc

3D entertainment is gaining quite a bit of momentum especially with awesome 3D movies like Alice in Wonderland and of course James Cameron’s We’re seeing a sort of “3D revolution”, as NVIDIA calls it, where 3D is being introduced in… Read more