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May 25, 2011

Sony Updates their VAIO S and VAIO F Series Laptops

You know what Sony does well? Make a premium PC. They proved that again with today’s refresh of the VAIO S ultraportable line and the high-end entertainment powerhouse F series.

The new S is an upgrade to what is already a great PC. I have current generation VAIO SB (that you can read about in this post) that I’ve been using as my daily carry for the last few weeks, and I really like it. It’s fast, light, and with the optional sheet battery, gets about 15 hours of battery life. It has a premium look and feel – even more so than the first gen S, as the new ones are both thinner and lighter – and packs the performance to match.



The new VAIO S makes a good thing even better, upping the screen resolution from 1366 x 768 to HD+1600 x 900 and adding premium options like second-generation Core i7 processors and dual-drive SSDs for huge amounts of lightning fast storage. 1GB AMD graphics are switchable to help you optimize for both battery life and performance, and you can get the new S with a Blu-Ray drive and Intel WiDi 2.0.


They’re available for pre-sale starting today from Sony’s VAIO S homepage, at a reasonable starting price of $1350. Adding the extra battery sheet (from my personal experience, this is a highly recommended option) will run you an additional $150.

The new VAIO F series is a multimedia beast; it has a full 1080p 16.4” display that’s 3D capable, and packed with 1GB NVIDIA graphics, a backlit keyboard, and top-end specs like an optional quad-core second-gen Core i7 processor, 750GB of hard drive storage, and USB 3.0. They’re available for pre-sale today at the F Series homepage at a starting price of about $1100.


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