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Ben and Ryan Explain: AMD’s new “APUs”

By Ben Rudolph

In today’s video Ryan and I dig into AMD’s new “APU” (short for Accelerated Processing Unit)   The short version of this is that AMD basically mashed together a high performance CPU and a high performance GPU into one tiny,… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Windows Live Mesh

By Ben Rudolph

A few years back, if you worked with multiple PCs, like a desktop in your office and a laptop on the road, you ran into a hitch every time you moved back and forth between them – your stuff was… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Screen Resolution

By Ben Rudolph

One of the most common misconceptions about PCs is that the bigger the screen, the more items you’ll be able to pack on After all, bigger is better, right? Well, sort There’s a big difference between screen size and screen… Read more