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Windows Keeps Getting Better

By Brandon LeBlanc

Windows 8 was built for a world that blends our work and our personal lives, a world where we expect high quality touch experiences everywhere, and a world that is always on the go and always Windows 8 redefines our… Read more

Building on our vision of modern computing

By Julie Larson-Green

Earlier this week I was on stage at the WIRED Business Conference talking about Windows and how it continues to With Windows 8 we bet on the computing trends shaping today and tomorrow: mobility, touch, apps that connect seamlessly and are… Read more

Zune 3.0 Has Arrived, Blue Zune 8 Unboxed!

By Brandon LeBlanc

As was announced last week - the Zune Team rolled out their Zune release today consisting of updated Software and Firmware which is now available for all to enjoy at the updated Click here to go directly to the Zune… Read more