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September 16, 2008

Zune 3.0 Has Arrived, Blue Zune 8 Unboxed!

As was announced last week – the Zune Team rolled out their Zune 3.0 release today consisting of updated Software and Firmware which is now available for all to enjoy at the updated website. Click here to go directly to the Zune 3.0 software download page. Once you download and install the Zune 3.0 software, your Zune device once it’s connected will be offered new firmware. You can now enjoy new features such as Channels, Personal Picks, Mix View, Buy from FM and more. Oh and the new Now Playing screen is pretty slick too! Also hitting store shelves as we speak are 2 new Zune devices: the Zune 16 and Zune 120. And the Zune 8 is now available in shiny blue-on-silver. As readers of the blog are aware, I’ve expressed keen interest in picking up a Blue Zune 8. And I did! To celebrate today’s Zune 3.0 release I figured I’d post some unboxing shots of the new blue Zune 8.

The Box

Blue Zune 8 Box

Opening the Zune 8 Box

Unboxing Blue Zune 8 2008-09-15 005

Zune Manuals Removing the Zune Manuals Welcome to the Social Unpacking Zune Accessories
Opening Zune Accessories Box Sync Cable and Headphones Text on inside of Zune Accessories Box Colored Zune Headphone ear buds


The Blue Zune 8 Unboxed

The BLUE Zune 8

The BLUE Zune 8! The Blue Zune 8 Side view of Blue Zune 8 Blue Zune 8

I also did some shots comparing the Blue Zune 8 with a Black Zune 8 and a Zune 80. Take a look:

Comparison: Zune 8 (Black), Zune 8 (Blue, and Zune 80 Comparison: Zune 8 (Black), Zune 8 (Blue, and Zune 80 Comparison: Zune 8 (Black), Zune 8 (Blue, and Zune 80

Zumerama does an unboxing of a Zune 16 and Paul Thurrott unboxes the Zune 120. Jason Dunn from Zune Thoughts also discusses his recent trip to Zune Headquarters in Redmond which is also worth a read.

The Zune 16 is available in stores in all black however today it was announced that people can order different colored Zune 16’s exclusively via Zune Originals. Zune Originals will offer the Zune 16 in blue, red, pink and green as an online exclusive only. New artwork will also be hitting Zune Originals as well!

To help users utilize the new wireless functionality in their Zune devices – the Zune Team is also announcing today that it is working with high-speed Internet access provider Wayport Inc. to offer Zune users free wireless access to the Zune Marketplace from more than 9,800 participating McDonald’s restaurants across the United States.

I’m always looking to discover new music. Add me as a friend on the Zune Social and let me know of some new music I should try out.