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Interview with Seesmic’s Loic Le Meur on Seesmic Look

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today Seesmic has announced a brand new Twitter app for the Windows Platform specifically designed for the mainstream consumer called Seesmic Seesmic Look brings a lot to the table making it easy for the average consumer, like your mom, to… Read more

Download the “I’m A PC” Messenger Theme Pack

By Brandon LeBlanc

To go with your Life Without Walls Wallpapers for your PC, you can now download the “I’m A PC” Windows Live Messenger Theme Pack that gives you a variety of Display Pictures and Backgrounds for your IM conversation Click above… Read more

Life without Walls Wallpapers for your PC

By Brandon LeBlanc

In light of tonight's new ad "Life without Walls" seen in newspapers today along with the new "Real PC" TV ads (see Chris's post); I've decided to make wallpapers for folks so they can add "Life without Walls" as wallpaper… Read more