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App roundup: Start spreadin’ the news

By David S

My dad (God rest his soul) used to say, “I just want to check the news to make sure the world didn’t ” That always stuck with me as a perfect expression of his sense of the But it also… Read more

Test Run: Most Popular Apps on Smartphones Today

By Andy Colley

In the past year, Windows Phone was among the fastest growing app catalogs in history (a close second to Apple in growth rate) and today features thousands of apps and games, including 90% of the most popular titles available on… Read more

CNN: The 9-year-old Microsoft genius

By Brandon LeBlanc

CNN has an article putting the spotlight on a 9 year old kid from Macedonia who literally is a Microsoft Marco Calasan holds 4 Microsoft certificates and has written a 312-page book on Windows 7 – and he really loves… Read more