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3 Things I Love About Internet Explorer 9

By Paul Donnelly

I’ve been using IE9 since the beta was released and while there is a lot I like I have really come to appreciate a few things in I still run into people that haven’t heard about them or tried them… Read more

Beyond Windows Backup

By Paul Donnelly

I’m sure as a knowledgeable Windows user you regularly back up your You are backing up your data, right? If not, then please remember that Windows 7 includes Backup and Restore which you can find off the Start Menu in… Read more

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update begins

By Eric Hautala

It’s underway! This morning, at roughly 10 Pacific time, we began rolling out the Mango update to phones around the I’m sure you’re as excited as we are: Windows Phone (aka Mango) is our largest and most feature-packed software refresh… Read more

One minute a day to pick up daily Windows tips

By Paul Donnelly

I’ve said before how it’s great to get to work with enthusiastic people who know tons about Recently I heard about one of those people sharing some great tips with everyone else in a really clever   Michel Martin has… Read more

Kinect + Windows: New & Amazing Experiences through NUI

By Brandon LeBlanc

Steve Clayton today has posted today on the Official Microsoft Blog about bringing Kinect to Windows with a SDK that will be available later this He talks about how we believe this SDK will enable developers in the academic research… Read more

Kinect for Windows Demonstrated at MIX11

By Brandon LeBlanc

This last fall, we released Kinect for the Xbox Kinect enables controller free games and entertainment on Xbox 360 utilizing a gesture-based Natural User Interface (NUI). My colleague Steve Clayton has been blogging a lot about NUI on the Next… Read more