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Cortana now predicts outcomes of NFL match-ups

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier this summer, we enabled the ability for Cortana to predict the outcomes of soccer matches from Brazil through the magic of Cortana ended up predicting a near perfect bracket in the knockout Now, Bing is shifting gears for their… Read more

Planning a Super Bowl party? Grab these Windows Phone apps

By Michael Stroh

Whether you’re a diehard Baltimore fan, a lifelong 49ers fanatic—or somewhere in between—your party-planning needs are likely the same this weekend when The Big Game arrives in The Big So our crack team of in-house app pickers has just created… Read more

And the winning Cam Newton ad is…

By David Chen

Last week we asked you to vote on your favorite alternate Cam Newton You tweeted out hundreds of votes for your favorites and for awhile, things were pretty While “Peanut Butter, Jelly” almost clinched it, in the end, “Pound Cake,… Read more

Send Cam Newton to the playoffs: You pick the ad, we’ll air it

By David Chen

It’s only been a few months since we at Windows Phone debuted our “Meet” commercial featuring Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton, and the response has been enormous! People on Twitter love the “pound cake, french fries” catchphrase at the end,… Read more

Your PC and Football

By Kristina Libby

If you know me even a little tiny bit, you’ll know I’m a big New England Patriots I like to spend Sunday afternoons sprawled out on my couch watching Tom Brady and the boys give it everything they I’ve been… Read more