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Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – Gaming PCs #winchat

By Brandon LeBlanc

Kristina is off on vacation likely with her toes in the sand and watching the sun set over the So this week I’m covering our Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat! And this week we’ll be talking about gaming PCs! That’s… Read more

Dell Unveils Alienware X51

By Brandon LeBlanc

When you think of extremely powerful PCs for gaming – people usually think of really big desktop towers (yup, I have one…). However, to fight that “stereotype” of gaming PCs, Dell has unveiled the Alienware The Alienware X51 is pretty… Read more

AMD Announces Radeon HD 6790

By Brandon LeBlanc

AMD today has announced a new offering in their Radeon HD 6000 Series line-up of GPUs – the Radeon HD AMD is introducing this GPU to cater to gamers and PC enthusiasts who are looking for great performance but want… Read more

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 590

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, NVIDIA is announcing one of the most powerful graphics cards to enter the market: the GeForce GTX The GTX 590 is based on NVIDIA’s GF110 graphics processor technology (codenamed “Fermi”), just like the GTX 580 (which I talked about… Read more

Pinworthy 3: This week’s Marketplace highlights

By Michael Stroh

Welcome back, It was a solid week for Marketplace; I found it little tougher to winnow the 400-odd new entries down to Check out my latest picks and tell me about your own new A few folks have asked about… Read more

NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX 560 Ti

By Brandon LeBlanc

According to the December 2010 Hardware and Software Survey by popular online game provider Steam, the GeForce 8800 is the most popular GeForce GPU in use NVIDIA launched the GeForce 8800 for Windows Vista nearly 3 years ago in support… Read more

New Games for Windows Marketplace Launches Today!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in October, we announced we were bringing the distribution power of Games on Demand to the Web with the Games for Windows The Games for Windows Marketplace is streamlined to provide an easy way for PC gamers to discover,… Read more