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Quick tip: How to give your phone a unique name

By Elizabeth Reese

With a phone as unique as you are, you might want to consider giving it a unique name (which also comes in handy when multiple phone-owning family members sync to the same PC). Unlike naming your firstborn, you won’t even… Read more

How to talk to your apps so they will listen

By Paul Comrie

This year, I replaced my previous note-taking app of choice with OneNote and haven't looked What sets it apart for me: I can use Speech, Windows Phone's built-in voice recognition feature, to take notes faster than It's easy to forget… Read more

8 hidden Windows Phone 8 settings you’ll actually use

By Michael Stroh

OK, so none of these are technically But I know many people treat the Settings section of their smartphone or PC like terra pericolosa—scary territory worth venturing into only when absolutely If your travels there have been primarily limited to… Read more

How I use Rooms on Windows Phone 8

By Juliette Guilbert

Every day at 3:50 on the dot, my daughter sends me a text: “Who’s picking me up at the bus stop?” Usually, I know the But (I confess) there are times when I’m not altogether So I text my He… Read more

Tips for using Rooms on other phones

By Juliette Guilbert

[This post was written by Lavanya Vasudevan, program manager for the Rooms feature in Windows Phone ] What if someone I want to invite to my new Room doesn’t have Windows Phone 8? It’s a good question, and as program… Read more

Can’t download an app? Here’s why

By Mazhar Mohammed

UPDATE (16 AUG): We fixed the digital certificate problem and last evening resumed publishing new apps and It will take a day or two for the repair to fully deploy and newly-published apps to begin appearing in Marketplace   If… Read more