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Over 7,000 languages, just 1 Windows

By Andrew Smith

Hi, I’m Andrew, a first-time blogger on The Windows Blog, and today it’s time for something completely different (well, not completely different: but as far as I can tell the last time we talked about languages was Windows Vista). I’m… Read more

Bing Translator for Windows updated to bring speech input

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, Bing Translator for Windows is receiving a new update that brings the same text-to-speech functionality seen on Bing Translator for Windows Now with Bing Translator for Windows, you can speak into your device using it’s microphone to ask for… Read more

International Translation Day 2013 #TranslationAtMSFT

By Brandon LeBlanc

Microsoft has years of experience with language The team responsible for Microsoft’s language technologies is the Natural Language Processing Group from Microsoft Research which consists of 20 scientists, lexicographers, linguists, software engineers and machine learning To celebrate International Language Day… Read more

Celebrating International Mother Language Day 2011

By Brandon LeBlanc

In honor of International Mother Language Day last year, we announced 59 new Language Interface Packs (LIPs) for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office A Language Interface Pack is a free download that adds a language layer on top of a… Read more