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Windows 8 – 40 Million Licenses Sold

By Brandon LeBlanc

As we pass the one month anniversary of the general availability of Windows 8, we are pleased to announce that to-date Microsoft has sold 40 million Windows 8 Tami Reller shared this news with industry and financial analysts, investors and… Read more

400 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today during the Day 1 keynote of our annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer revealed that Windows 7 has officially sold 400 million licenses Our previous statement of 7 copies of Windows 7 sold a second continues to hold… Read more

Windows 7: 300 Million Licenses Sold

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today as part of our Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2011 earnings release, we announced that Windows 7 has sold over 300 million licenses To put that in perspective, 300 million is roughly the combined number of households in North American… Read more