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Add MSN Video Feeds to Zune as Video Podcasts

By Brandon LeBlanc

The MSN Video folks have updated Soapbox on MSN Video to allow users the ability to subscribe and add someone's video "stream" to You'll notice a new Zune icon next to the RSS icon on people's profiles on Soapbox for… Read more

Check out these new Sidebar Gadgets for Windows Vista

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today I've got some pretty neat new Sidebar Gadgets to tell you about for Windows If you're into Baseball, you'll like this new Fox Sports on MSN is offering a Fantasy Baseball Gadget brought to you by People-Ready Business from… Read more

MSN Video V4 Launched with new Soapbox features

By Brandon LeBlanc

Here on the Windows Experience Blog, I use Soapbox on MSN Video to embed and share all my videos for my blog Tonight, the Soapbox and MSN Video Team has launched MSN Video V4 with new features to Soapbox worth… Read more