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April 22, 2008

Check out these new Sidebar Gadgets for Windows Vista

Today I’ve got some pretty neat new Sidebar Gadgets to tell you about for Windows Sidebar.

If you’re into Baseball, you’ll like this new Gadget. Fox Sports on MSN is offering a Fantasy Baseball Gadget brought to you by People-Ready Business from Microsoft.

With this Gadget, you can check up on Fantasy Baseball news, check player stats, and create your own roster. This Gadget requires Adobe Flash so if you’re running Windows Vista x64 (like me), you’ll need to run Windows Sidebar under 32-bit. To do that in Windows Vista x64 – just go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Sidebar and execute sidebar.exe from there.

Download the People-Ready Fantasy Baseball Gadget here.

Another new Gadget to check out is the brand new MSN Video Gadget for Windows Sidebar. The MSN Video Team announced its availability today along with some highlights as to what you can do with the Gadget on their blog.

Download the MSN Video Gadget here.

Got a Sidebar Gadget recommendation? Would love to hear them!