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Why Online Safety Is Vital

By Kristina Libby

While I don’t have children, I do have a cluster of awesome nieces and I care about them immensely and think they are possibly the greatest kids in the That being said, I often wonder about their online safety especially… Read more

Windows and Security: Setting the Record Straight

By Brandon LeBlanc

There’s been some coverage overnight about the security of Windows and whether or not one particular company is reducing its use of We thought this was a good opportunity to set the record There is some irony here that is… Read more

Games for Windows Program Gets an Update

By Brandon LeBlanc

In 2008, the global PC game software market reached $ billion in revenue from a combination of retail sales, subscriptions, virtual item sales, advertising and digital distribution revenue according to the PC Gaming Alliance Horizons Software Report (click here to… Read more

Updated Version of Windows Live Family Safety Released

By Brandon LeBlanc

With yesterday’s update to Windows Live Essentials (which included the final release of Windows Live Movie Maker), we also released an updated version of Windows Live Family Windows Live Family Safety is designed to help parents keep their children safer… Read more