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Freeze frame from a video rundown test comparing streaming battery life on four browsers. Click to play.

Get more out of your battery with Microsoft Edge

By Jason Weber

Using a power efficient browser is one of the best ways to get more out of your PC or tablet - whether you’re checking email, shopping online, playing games, or watching Today’s laptops and tablets last longer than ever, thanks… Read more

Monitor Your GPU on Windows with GPU-Z by TechPowerUp

By Gavin Gear

Wondering what your GPU is doing? Curious how much GPU capability you’re using? Do you want to know practically every detail about your GPU? You may want to try the free Windows-exclusive tool from TechPowerUp called I’ve been using this… Read more

Hands-On: Working with Storage Spaces in Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

Storage Spaces is an exciting new storage virtualization technology that is new for Windows For background, you can read my prior post on Windows 8 storage In this post I’ll build on this topic and give you a walk-though demo… Read more

Windows 8 Task Manager In-Depth

By Gavin Gear

Looking to take control of your PC? Looking to optimize your PC’s performance? The Task Manager is a great tool for these tasks, and it’s always just a couple clicks For Windows 8, the Task Manager got a major overhaul… Read more

Eight Enthusiast Updates in Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

For the last few years, Windows 8 has been a part of my daily As a part of the Windows 8 engineering team, I spent many hours installing and running Windows 8 on a variety of I’ve learned a lot… Read more

NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX 560 Ti

By Brandon LeBlanc

According to the December 2010 Hardware and Software Survey by popular online game provider Steam, the GeForce 8800 is the most popular GeForce GPU in use NVIDIA launched the GeForce 8800 for Windows Vista nearly 3 years ago in support… Read more

NVIDIA Launches, Announces GeForce GTX 580

By Brandon LeBlanc

Are you currently an owner of one (or a few) of NVIDIA’s GeForce GPUs (graphics cards)? If so – you’re definitely going to want to check this Today, NVIDIA is launching is a new website from NVIDIA designed to be… Read more

Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5

By Brandon LeBlanc

Since the release of the first Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview at MIX back in March and the second in May, we’ve shown a lot of demos of IE9 with other Today, Apple announced and released Safari We figured we… Read more

Internet Explorer 9 at MIX10

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday was Day 1 of MIX10 in Las Vegas and a lot of really cool things were announced – specifically around developing for Windows Phone 7 You’ll find the gist of the Day 1 news from MIX10 here on the… Read more