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Hands-on with the Microsoft Store exclusive Samsung X430

By Ben Rudolph

About two weeks ago I got a present – a pre-release unit of the Samsung   This carbon-look fiber clad PC is a Microsoft Store exclusive – it’s only sold in our new “brick-and-mortar” stores and at the Microsoft Store… Read more

Flugtag recap: The Phoenix has “flown"!

By Ben Rudolph

Red Bull Flugtag was on Saturday, and I’m proud to say that the Phoenix flew 62 feet!  45 of those feet were straight down, but who’s counting?  Have a look at the video (the photographer got our name wrong, but… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #5: Flying Day!

By Ashley Brown

We have lots of smart folks at Microsoft, but only a few of them are intrepid enough to fly in a homemade On August 21, 2010, in Long Beach, CA, marketing manager Ali Driesman will pilot the Windows Phoenix (our… Read more