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How Microsoft celebrates the Seahawks

By Michael Stroh

What happens when the world’s biggest software company meets the world’s most famous football game? On Friday afternoon, folks in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group—which includes Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and more—gathered for a massive pep rally to cheer on the… Read more

Celebrate Spring with a Pinterest Sweepstakes

By Kristina Libby

Spring is finally here and we are excited to announce a new Pinterest contest! Celebrate the season by using these fun images starring Microsoft Hardware Mice and an array of hot colored The photos were shot a few weeks ago… Read more

Photo Fuse Fun – The “Jasons” Take Seattle

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today we’ve made available the final release (or RTW – “release to web”) of Windows Live I suggest reading Chris Jones’ blog post from earlier and of course downloading Windows Live Essentials! To celebrate the final release of Windows Live… Read more