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New SkyDrive features coming in Mango

By Michael Stroh

If you’re curious about the future of SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service, on Windows Phone, check out Mike Torres’s new post this morning on the Inside Windows Live   Mike details some of the sweet SkyDrive-related changes in store for… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Windows Live Mesh

By Ben Rudolph

A few years back, if you worked with multiple PCs, like a desktop in your office and a laptop on the road, you ran into a hitch every time you moved back and forth between them – your stuff was… Read more

Helping the Adult Community Learn the PC Through Windows 7

By Kristina Libby

SeniorNet, a leading technology educator for older adults, is celebrating its 25th SeniorNet's  new initiative , "Helping Seniors Get Back to Work", will be announced at their 25th Anniversary celebration on Capitol Hill in Washington DC  on May The non-profit,… Read more

Microsoft Makes Campus Calls

By Kristina Libby

Monday was a beautiful day at MIT – sunny, 70 and the complete opposite of Arriving at the college for the Windows Campus Tour, I was excited to spend the day outside learning how students felt about Windows 7 PCs,… Read more

Switching from Yahoo! Mail to Hotmail

By Brandon LeBlanc

Why switch from Yahoo! Mail to Hotmail? There are lots of For example – if you email photos to friends and family, Hotmail lets you send them without clogging up your friends’ Hotmail uploads your photos to SkyDrive and lets… Read more

How to: Take class notes with OneNote Mobile

By Michael Stroh

Our friends over on the Office Blogs have just posted a handy rundown for students on how to take class notes on your phone and sync them to Windows Live SkyDrive—perfect for those moments when you’re stuck in class (or… Read more

The Beauty of Photo Mail in Windows Live Hotmail

By Lisa Worthington

If you haven’t already started to use the new Windows Live Hotmail, you may be missing out on some surprising and very cool One of my favorite features makes sending photos over email easier and classier than The outstanding thing… Read more

Windows Phone 7 – Getting Connected

By Aaron Woodman

VP of our Mobile Communications Business, Andy Lees is in Washington, DC today showing thousands of Microsoft partners a line of consumer products and services that are truly connected with one He’s also showing off our own Windows Phone 7… Read more