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Going global: Language support in Windows Phone 8

By John McConnell

“When will Windows Phone support my language?” As a member of the phone’s international engineering team, it’s a question I once heard nearly every Not It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago I touted the 22 languages… Read more

Let’s say you’re in charge. What would you do?

By Michael Stroh

You love Windows The critics love Windows We love Windows The question now is: How can we convince everybody else? A few months ago we created the Suggestion Box for your feature suggestions for future versions of Windows Your passion… Read more

Have a new Windows Phone feature idea? Try Suggestion Box

By Michael Stroh

Here’s your chance to play engineer and possibly even influence the future of Windows   Introducing Suggestion Box, a single, official repository for all your Windows Phone feedback and feature No idea is too crazy—or small! Try it now This… Read more