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September 28, 2011

Have a new Windows Phone feature idea? Try Suggestion Box

Here’s your chance to play engineer and possibly even influence the future of Windows Phone.  Introducing Suggestion Box, a single, official repository for all your Windows Phone feedback and feature requests. No idea is too crazy—or small! Try it now

This is something I know many of you have been clamoring for. Now you don’t have to wonder whether your tweets and blog comments are getting through to the team. Suggestion Box not only lets you steer feedback directly to the folks who actually design and build Windows Phone—but also vote on and debate other people’s pet projects.

Anybody can use Suggestion Box, which organizes ideas by category and shows which are gaining the most traction or sparking the most chatter. But heads up that it’s a moderated forum and only for phone-related ideas. We’d prefer not to see your unpatented inventions, movie pitches, favorite pizza toppings, or strategies for jumpstarting the economy. If you post them, we’ll have to remove them.

Here’s what’s trending now on Suggestion Box. Is your lightbulb moment next?

Suggestion Box is our official repository for Windows Phone feature suggestions.