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Lumia 530 coming to Cricket Wireless and T-Mobile

By Brandon LeBlanc

One of the most affordable Windows Phone devices is coming to more carriers this month! Starting on October 3rd, Cricket Wireless will be offering the Lumia 530 for $ in stores and T-Mobile will also start offering the Lumia 530 for their… Read more

T-Mobile announces the Lumia 635

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, T-Mobile is announcing the Lumia 635 – the first Lumia to come powered by Windows Phone in the and the successor to the Lumia The Lumia 635 will first be available from T-Mobile on the Home Shopping Network to… Read more

VIDEO: Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 521

By Ben Rudolph

A few days ago, Michael let you know that the Nokia Lumia 521 was coming to   I got my hands on one a few days before the announcement, and can confirm that this is one heck of a good… Read more

T-Mobile now selling Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 810

By Michael Stroh

Attention T-Mobile fans: If you’ve had your eye on the Windows Phone 8X by HTC or the Nokia Lumia 810 (a T-Mobile exclusive), head over to the carrier’s website or nearest Both Windows Phone 8 models went on sale this… Read more