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Windows at CES 2011

By Brandon LeBlanc

It’s been an exciting day for Windows with lots of news I did however want to take a few minutes to share with you a bit more about the rest of the Windows story and the things we will be… Read more

Revision3 Releases Plugin for Windows Media Center

By Brandon LeBlanc

Revision3 has released a plugin for Windows Media Center making all their shows available to watch directly within Windows Media Revision3 can be described as a television network for the They produce all-original episodic shows available online via Some of… Read more

Andrew Belle & Windows Make Beautiful Music Together

By Brandon LeBlanc

You may have noticed our “To the Cloud” ads airing on TV highlighting Windows 7 + Windows Live to create, connect, and share things like photos, videos and documents to the cloud from your If not, you can check them… Read more