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December 19, 2010

Revision3 Releases Plugin for Windows Media Center

Revision3 has released a plugin for Windows Media Center making all their shows available to watch directly within Windows Media Center. Revision3 can be described as a television network for the Internet. They produce all-original episodic shows available online via streaming. Some of their most popular shows are Diggnation with Kevin Rose (founder of Digg and also co-founder of Revision3) and Tekzilla which offers reviews of latest gadgets and gear as well as tip and tricks from hosts Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton.

Revision3’s CTO Rob DeMillo explained in email to me how Revision3’s users requested a plugin for Windows Media Center:

During the summer, Revision3 asked its user base what leanback experiences were of most importance to them, and Windows Media Center 7 was one of the top choices. In response, our designers spent the summer researching the user interface for WMC to determine the best user interface experience we could offer that leveraged the 10′ experience of the Windows Media Center. Our engineering team took it from there, optimizing the plugin for, and letting the system choose the best quality stream to match the bandwidth, speed and memory of the host platform.

Download: Revision3 Plugin for Windows Media Center

After installing the Revision3 Plugin, it will appear under the Extras Library. You can right-click on Revision3 to “Add to Start Menu” to have it appear on the Start Menu for Windows Media Center.



After launching Revision3, the main screen showcases the latest episodes at the top you can navigate through. Or you can select a show or episode below that in a grid listing of shows or episodes – depending what you have selected.


Each show has their own “page” displaying the latest episodes for you to choose. Below is what the page for Tekzilla looks like.


And of course when you click on a specific episode, you are given a synopsis of the episode and the option to watch if it’s the episode you want to watch.


The episode you choose to watch with stream in high-definition and look wonderful (depending on a good Internet connection of course).

The types of shows on Revision3 tend to be for the more tech savvy. So if you’re looking to get the latest on things happening with technology on the web and with gadgets, PCs and software, or tips and tricks – definitely give Revision3 a look. If you’re like me and already a fan of many of Revision3’s shows, you’ll find the ability to watch Revision3’s shows in Windows Media Center awesome.