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Networked TV Tuners are chock full of win

By Pete Brown

Brandon covered the big news this week for Windows Media Center enthusiasts: Ceton released a firmware upgrade and software package that allows you to assign the streams from their InfiniTV TV tuner to other Windows 7 PCs across the network,… Read more

Using Play To with a DLNA Certified TV

By Pete Brown

I read an interesting thread over on Microsoft Answers recently in which the poster had purchased a "connected” TV with a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) logo on He reported that he had no troubles navigating from his TV to… Read more

All about plug-ins for Windows Media Center

By Pete Brown

One of the great benefits of the community of enthusiasts that has grown around Windows Media Center is the number of plug-ins developed to enhance the experience in Plug-ins (also called addins, and lately even apps) bring new information and… Read more

Revision3 Releases Plugin for Windows Media Center

By Brandon LeBlanc

Revision3 has released a plugin for Windows Media Center making all their shows available to watch directly within Windows Media Revision3 can be described as a television network for the They produce all-original episodic shows available online via Some of… Read more

Connecting your PC to an HDTV with HDMI

By Pete Brown

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give your big screen HDTV over to Windows Media Center to manage your television, movies, music and more, then you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best experience possible when running… Read more