Find a Santa’s bag of great deals from Game Insight, Gameloft and more in our new Deals Hub Collection

It’s a season of giving, and right now several of our top publishers are giving great discounts and special offers on their apps and games in the Windows Store. And now it’s easier than ever to find all the best deals – we’ve got them all in our new Deals Hub Collection! For Windows Phone,… Read more

‘Tis the season for big updates to several top apps and games in the Windows Store

The Windows Store continues to grow, with stockings full of new titles every day. And new and old favorites alike continue to get better-and-better, too. Here’s a sampling of some of the latest big app and game updates: Blackberry Messenger (BBM) One of the pioneers of easy, reliable messaging has now added features that let… Read more

Windows Store is first to bring carrier billing to China, India and Brazil

It is estimated that 93% of people who live in fast-growth emerging markets around the world do not have a credit card (Source: Measuring Financial Inclusion, The Global Findex Database), making it difficult or impossible to purchase apps from most global app stores. Today we announced that Windows Store has become the first global smartphone… Read more

Bring your Windows Phone Silverlight apps to Windows Runtime XAML; prepare for universal app development in Windows 10

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 last year, we introduced the concept of universal Windows apps. Windows 10 will build on our commitment to provide a common Windows platform with one API layer (WinRT) and consistent UX design surfaces. For developers creating new apps for Windows today, this universal approach is recommended as it… Read more

Business Ready Holiday Devices

Lately we’ve been focused on providing you with key information on Windows 10 and you’ve had the opportunity to hear from Jim Alkove about several areas of investment for Windows 10 for business – including security and identity, deployment, manageability and enterprise Store capabilities. While we look forward to sharing more on Windows 10 early… Read more

December Update on the Windows Insider Program

Hi everyone, Before heading off for the holidays I wanted to give a little bit of an update on how things are shaping up for Windows 10, especially since we don’t have a build for you this month. I know that some of you are disappointed that we didn’t release another build (though we know… Read more

Microsoft’s Windows App Studio and TouchDevelop integrate. Mobile First. Cloud first.

Windows App Studio Beta today released its most impactful update since the move to universal Windows apps last April. Many of you have already tried TouchDevelop, a powerful, touch-friendly programming language that includes a physics engine, a UI framework to compose forms for quick data display and entry and much more. With TouchDevelop you can… Read more

Enhanced Windows Dev Center reporting

This week, Windows Dev Center is releasing enhancements to two reports for Windows Store: Downloads and In-app purchase. We know having data as soon as possible is important to make decisions about your apps, so in this release, the Dev Center Download and In-app purchase reports have been optimized to deliver information faster: the goal… Read more