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GLOBAL – There’s been a bunch of activity over at Nokia Beta Labs this week, with a couple of fresh app updates and some significant stuff being laid to rest. But it’s all good, and this particular Beta Labs spring clean marks a milestone moment as we begin to spy swarms of exciting apps buzzing over the horizon with the imminent arrival of Nokia’s upcoming Ovi Store.

Read on to find out more about what’s been happening this week over at Nokia Beta Labs.

The most significant occurrence at Nokia Beta Labs has been the archiving of the MOSH client. Nokia’s user-driven community for app, game and multimedia sharing has been shelved to make room for the brand new Ovi Store, which is set to debut in May. As Beta Labs’ Tommi Vilkamo simply puts it: “Rest in peace, MOSH beta client. Long live Ovi Store!! (coming soon)”

The arrival of the Ovi Store promises to accelerate our consumption and engagement with mobile apps like never before, and I for one haven’t been this excited about a mobile service for some time. And it would seem many of you here on Conversations feel the very same way (see poll results).

The other bit of spring cleaning on Beta Labs involves the Internet Tablet Video Converter being archived for the N800 and N810. It’ll still be available for download, but as Tommi Vilkamo highlights in his post on the Beta Labs blog, “There are no new releases planned, but you can continue using it “as is”, with no guarantees and no customer care.”

Also this week on Beta Labs, Nokia Magnifier has been updated, now with wrinkles ironed out – this new version also opened up the broader question of digitizing household tools.

Alongside this update, came confirmation from the Beta Labs team of a new release of Sports Tracker (version 2.05). The Sports Tracker team have been taking onboard a great deal of the feedback that’s been offered by users on the Beta Labs site, but as Tommi Vilkamo explains, he’s been “bugging the Sports Tracker team to write a proper introduction about this update, but they have been ultra-busy.” Still, hopefully they’ll be able to engage more directly with any feedback going forward.

If you haven’t already, go and check out the Nokia Beta Labs site, for all the latest Nokia beta apps.