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April 3, 2009

Let’s discuss Nokia’s Ovi Store

GLOBAL – Nokia is set to open the doors to the Ovi Store next month. Let’s not be meek about it, this is a big deal for Nokia and will mark a milestone in the evolution of how we digest and engage with mobile apps.

So here’s the story so far and what we know: Nokia is launching a dedicated mobile application store, the Ovi Store, in May 2009, it’s already signed up some heavyweight content partners (and Heroes), and developers and publishers are already beginning to submit exciting apps, ready to be sucked down onto our devices via the Ovi Store in a few weeks’ time.

Now let’s discuss Nokia’s upcoming Ovi Store further.

We know when it’s coming and the function it’s coming to perform, but what are the big issues you’d like to discuss, what are your opinions on the impact the Ovi Store could have on the mobile world, and are there any insights you’d like to share? We want to hear it all, and kickstart the discussion here.

Click through, get stuck in and leave your ideas and opinions in the comments section inside.