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Photos, video and home-made audio beg to be shared. If you’re not showing off your snaps and passing round links to your videos, hang your head. Nokia’s Ovi Share service makes it easier than tumbling from a fallen tree to upload and share your media, and offers unlimited storage for free too.

Videos or photos can be uploaded to Ovi Share from your phone or computer, and it’s simple for other people to see them. You can share links, or tag your content so the world can find it. If you have your own website, you can even embed a slideshow of your pictures, streaming direct from Ovi.

Worried your media will get muddled up with so much storage? Don’t be. Ovi Share is super-organized, enabling you to create a clear sense of order via easy-to-use albums for specific content and tagging. It’s extremely straight forward to get to grips with, and essential for shutterbugs, film makers and audio enthusiasts.

What they say

“Share on Ovi has a great interface that just screams simplicity and usability… without giving up on the important features.”


If you only do one thing

Browse Ovi Share. There’s no need to register if you simply want to mooch through Ovi Share’s content. You’ll see there’s tons of creativity on display, and neat navigation between it. Before long you’ll be itching to add your own files.


Sharing on a serious scale

Sharing everything you snap, record or capture? Good on you, you’re in great company. Here are some of the world’s greatest philanthropists.

James Smithson
Founder of the Smithsonian Institute, the largest collection of museums, zoos and research institutes in the world, offering free entry to its 19 major attractions.

Bill Gates
The world’s richest man doesn’t work in technology anymore, instead he runs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, sharing his money with good causes and working to cure disease.

Warren Buffett
Holding the record for the largest single donation in American history, Buffett gave away a whopping 85% of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006, totalling $30 billion.

Richard Curtis
The founder of Britain’s Comic Relief fundraising effort has raised millions for charity, topping £600 million since the 1980s.

Li Ka-shing
The richest Chinese person in the world is also one of the most generous, announcing in 2006 that he was giving away a third of his fortune to charity, a total of $10 billion.