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The banana phone is back! If you’ve been getting nostalgic for Nokia’s classic 8110 handset, as used by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, the Nokia 6720 classic offers similar style – and a similarly angled mouthpiece – but in a thoroughly contemporary package. The 6720 classic is Nokia’s first mid-range phone to offer high-performance noise suppression for crystal-clear calls in the noisiest environments and is powered by the latest lithium polymer technology, giving 8.5 hours’ talk time or standby of up to 20 days. Plus, this phone’s iron-grey case comes packed with high-speed HSDPA and quad-band GSM radios, Bluetooth and GPS satellite navigation complete with Nokia Maps. The on-board camera has a dual LED flash, panorama mode and an autofocus Carl Zeiss lens for top notch photos. It will also record VGA movies for playback on the crisp 2.2-inch LCD display or a television via the TV out socket.

They say

“The feel, screen resolution, software are all quite impressive”

Charlie Schick, Nokia Conversations

If you only do one thing

Geotag your five-megapixel photos automatically with the Nokia 6720 classic. When you upload your images to photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa or Share on Ovi, the software reads the latitude and longitude saved in the metadata and smartly plots your snaps on a browsable map.


The curved Nokia 6720 classic gives thanks to the banana

  • Bananas are by the far the funniest fruit in the natural world. Amaze your friends with these banana-flavoured morsels of truth:


  • The song Yes! We Have No Bananas was written in 1923 and was the best-selling sheet music (the precursor of vinyl singles, CDs and downloads) for many years.


  • It is illegal to import bananas into Australia, as the continent is free of such virulent diseases as Banana Bunchy Top Virus and Black Sigatoka.


  • India is the world’s biggest producer of bananas, growing over 20 per cent of the world’s crop in 2007.


  • The stringy bits in bananas are correctly known as ‘phloem bundles’. They carry nutrition around the plant.


  • A medium-sized banana contains around 100 calories.