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May 15, 2009

Poll results: Touchscreen & QWERTY combo voted your perfect set-up

GLOBAL – The resurgence of QWERTY interfaces in tandem with touchscreen trends sparked us to ask you the question, “What’s your perfect mobile input interface?”. We kick-started this poll at the beginning of the week (it’s still open, so if you haven’t already, vote now!) and already hundreds of you have voted. Granted it’s early days but there’s one clear front-runner – the pairing of touchscreen and QWERTY, as found on the upcoming Nokia N97 (watch making of the N97 video).

Which mobile input method do you think is sitting in second place? Read on to discover where dedicated touchscreens, QWERTY keyboards, numeric keypads and other input methods rank at the moment.

You might be surprised to find out…

Way ahead of the rest with a majority share of 55% of the vote is the N97 set-up of touchscreen + QWERTY, suggesting that many of you see a clear benefit in having a mixture of input methods at your disposal. Is that the case?

Despite the huge popularity of touchscreen handsets such as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, touchscreen mobile input interfaces, such as that found on the 5800 isn’t in second place – this position in reserved for the trusty QWERTY keypad as found on devices such as the Nokia E71, soaking up 16% of the vote.

The touchscreen hasn’t even made it onto the podium at this stage, nudged behind the oldest and most familiar input method of numeric keypad, as found on the majority of phones including the new Nokia E52 (11% of the vote).

However, touchscreen has made it into fourth position, and is just a single percent behind the numeric keypad input method with 10%. Surprised?

Here’s the full breakdown as it stands…

If you haven’t voted, click here to get your opinion counted.