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July 24, 2009

E71 – the phone with nine lives

GLOBAL – Every now and then you read a story that just seems to resonate somehow. Not every story can do it, but when they do it lets that nice Friday Feeling sink in and gives a gentle elbow in the ribs to remind you the weekend is here. Well, it’s Friday and we have a story to tell. You might remember the Nokia that was found in a fish, or the one that made it through a large animal in India, or even our own recent attempts to test a device to destruction. Well, when Mateen Sadiq was given a white E71 for Christmas last year, what happened next was beyond what even we expected. Read on and have a great weekend!

E71 – “The Cat” by Mateen Sadiq

As everyone knows, cats are said to have 9 lives…..the E71 has proven that a Nokia phone is no less. The story goes as follows.

Last December, my darling wife Shirin, wanted to get me a Christmas present I would die for. She picked a white Nokia E71. You read it correctly…WHITE. I liked it but all, and I mean ALL, my friends thought it was a real pimp phone. All I needed was a white suit with a feathered hat to complete the picture. The jeers go on till today. As a loving husband I could not think of exchanging the phone…never. However, a mobile phone is with oneself all the time and thus prone to “accidents” at any moment.

Being an avid drinker of chilled Absolut, I find myself heading for the freezer quite often on weekends. Every trip the alcohol seems to blur peripheral actions and focus is shifted solely to making the drink. One fateful weekend I was awoken by my darling Shirin on Sunday morning, though not looking very loving at the time, telling me that she would never buy me another nice present again…my mobile had been found in the freezer albeit still working. I was accused of trying to sabotage the phone. How untrue!!!

Winter turned to spring and then to summer…swimming season, yippee!!! Everyone was diving into any pool of water they could find and I was not one to be left out. One hot afternoon, Shirin, Liyan my 10 year old daughter, and myself were lazing around the pool They were swimming and I as usual was watering the plants. After listening to, ”When are you coming in?” for the tenth time, I dropped the hose and dove into the pool. As my head came up, I hear Shirin scream, ”Your mobile?” It was too late. The phone was in my pocket. I pulled it out of the water to find it all lit up like a small beacon. I immediately got the battery out but we all thought the same…it’s a goner. I was again accused of sabotage. I pleaded innocence but second time round seemed doubtful to Shirin.

The latest happened just a few days ago. Again I was watering around the pool when I finally succumbed to the heat and decided to take a dip. However this time I lazily walked down the steps and started swimming. 15 minutes into my laps I decided I needed to get back all calories I had lost…pizza from Pizza Hut seemed like the best option. I turned to Shirin and asked her to order and she glanced around looking for the phone. Boing!!! Wide eyed I touched my shorts and felt the sleek hard phone in my pocket. I quickly got it out of the water. Shirin stormed off, phone in hand, muttering all sorts of things, Liyan was in the pool half drowning with laughter and I was left there speechless.

Hours after, gathering my strength, I walked into the bathroom to find Shirin blow drying the phone. I realized she was truly upset. Trying my best to make her feel better and that I did appreciate her gift I say,”I love the phone honey. It’s like a cat with 9 lives. There are still a few left.” (snicker, snicker!!!)

Hats off to Nokia!!!!