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October 9, 2009

Comment of the week – When driving meets messaging

DrivingGLOBAL – It’s been another mammoth week for comments on Conversations with hundreds of great new opinions scrawled across our walls. The most commented story being tell us what to do the Nokia N900, closely followed by another Nokia N900 piece focused on a new in-depth video exploring the Maemo browser and some smart tips and tricks. Read on to find out who has earned comment of the week and a copy of the Gravity Twitter app.

This week’s winner is Gene Avenir for a comment on the N900, suggesting a solution to the issue of SMS and general messaging being prohibited in more and more territories across the globe:

Gene Avenir: “Considering that text messaging while driving is being increasingly banned throughout the world, I’d like to be able to put the N900 in “driving mode” where: 1) SMS/MMS messages are automatically read out-loud upon receipt; and 2) one can issue voice commands to dictate and send out SMS messages, and do things like send one’s current GPS location via SMS or MMS to someone.”

I’d certainly use a “driving mode”, would you? Share your comments below.

Congratulation Gene, a copy of the Gravity Twitter app is headed your way shortly.