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GLOBAL – A few months ago we asked you what extra functionality you would like to see on the Nokia N900? You answered in your droves with more than one interesting outcome. The folks over at Engadget have now posed the question to its readers in a bid to find out what N900-toting Engadget regulars would do to improve the handset. Read on after the jump to find out what they had to say.

Topping the bill of improvements was software. N900 now has Ovi Store, but readers over at Engadget wanted to share a piece of the free Ovi Maps pie enjoyed by S60 users. A better more intuitive UI and improved shortcuts also made it onto the most wanted list.

Conversations regulars already highlighted portrait mode as something you’d like to see on the device. Almost a fifth of you wanted portrait mode across apps and a large chunk of Engadget’s readers have followed suit. Multi-touch, on the other hand, was something of a split decision, some users preferred the use of stylus and the resistive screen, others want to get their digits involved with pinch to zoom capability while browsing. The keyboard was another feature with a love/hate reaction. Some find it easy and fast to type on, others feel it’s three lined design was too small and fiddly. Neither the screen or the keyboard made it onto your wanted list. Do you feel the same now? The resistive VS capacitive screen war rages on – let us know which side you’re on?

Third-up was a call for an improved camera. With five-megapixels and a Carl Zeiss lens it’s a top-notch offering but a CMOS sensor, as seen on the Nokia N86, is an improvement Engadget’s readers would like to see. Calls for a thinner, less bulky form factor and improved battery life also made it onto the features wishlist. But is that asking for too much?

Interestingly there were a few bobbins on your list that Engadget readers didn’t note including Wi Fi streaming and sync, ability to tag photos with contacts, panoramic features for photos and the ability to use the N900 as a multimedia remote.

Do you agree with Engadget’s readers? Is there something else you would like to see on the Nokia N900? As ever let us know below.