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March 26, 2010

Ovi Store gets your guitar in tune

guitar_tuner_appGLOBAL – Our weekly stroll through the Ovi Store offerings has thrown up apps to get you exploring, cooking up a feast and games to keep you amused for hours. The pool of apps just keeps getting bigger.

We’ve already picked our three for this week but we couldn’t let these gems go by unnoticed. The folks over at mydailyapp have picked their top three apps to keep your guitar true not blue.

Read on to find out how to get your axe pitch perfect for your next jamming session.

Sounding off we’ve got Tunerific. It’s simple to use and according to mydailyapp the one most like a standalone guitar tuner. Select on the screen the string you’d like to tune, pluck the string on the guitar and hold the phone close to your instrument. Instantly a display will pop up on the screen showing whether the note is flat, sharp or spot on. It’s simple easy and fast.

If you’re more of a pro and have got an ear for music, another option is to use Tone Tuner within Tunerific. Play the note on the phone and then try to match your sound to the note on your phone.

Watch the video for a closer look at Tunerific in action, and if you like what you see the app’s available for $9.99 and the list of Nokia compatible devices can be found here.

Next in line is Guitar Tuner from Pico Brothers. Put simply this app is a fancy tuning fork or pitch pipe. It works in a similar way to Tunerific with picking a string on the phone and matching it to the sound of your guitar. One handy feature is if you press the repeat button within the app it’ll play the note over an over to ensure you get pitch perfect.

Guitar Tuner is the cheapest of the bunch at $0.99. Watch this vid to learn more.

Third in our musical masterclass is Chromatic Instrument Tuner. This is more for the Eric Claptons than the Noel Gallaghers. It has two components. The first shows the frequency of a sound played on your instrument, anywhere in the range of 50 Hz to 1100Hz then guesses which note you’re going for. It’s not an exact science but play the same note again and the app shows how close or far away you are from hitting the right note. An interesting snippet for Chromatic Instrument Tuner is that it’s not just for guitars. Tune-up your orchestra and even your triangle using the app.

According to mydailyapp this one’s a bit more difficult to use but if you see yourself as a musical maestro Chromatic Instrument Tuner is available now for $2.99

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