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March 29, 2010

MyDailyApp – WikiHow Survival Kit, Super Street Fighter II and 10X10

100_appGLOBAL – It’s been a busy week for the folks over at MyDailyApp. Not only did Shazzam hit 1 million downloads, David Blaine joined the app scene and they managed to fit in a quick guitar tutorial just by using the device in your pocket.

We’ve trawled through the latest app offerings and picked our top trilogy of treats for this week. Join us after the jump.

There’ve been more than a handful of games available in the Ovi Store recently, but, I personally, have been waiting for this one. It’s the vintage Super Street Fighter II. You’ve KO’d on your console now you can do it on your Nokia. Play as T-Hawk, Dee-Jay, Feu Long and 12 other warriors and unleash devastating combinations as you battle your way to the coveted title of World Champion.

Game play is exactly like the original with that awesome arcade feel. Plus, each character’s signature moves are present and in-tact. Watch the video for a nostalgic look back and head over to Ovi Store to get your kicks into action. Game on.

Moving away from games our next app is Wiki Survival, and this must be the essential app for any quiz enthusiast, albeit one that doesn’t mind cheating.

This app includes anything and everything you need to know. Ripping information instantly from it’s sibling website it’s also pretty handy when you’re in a bit of a sticky situation by using the survival tool. From how to avoid being bitten by a rattle snake to how to change a spare tyre it’s a pretty useful app to have in your back pocket. A word of warning though, all the content on the app is user generated and there’s no guarantee that it’s solid fact, so a touch of common sense is needed too. Best not to trust that one that has the ultimate guide to bear boxing.

The WikiHow Survival kit is free to download on Ovi Store, and is exclusively for use on the Nokia N900.

Finally, we have 10×10. A mobile version of a web app that displays the 100 pictures that matter most globally on an hourly and daily basis and, wait for it, does it all without any human interaction. Another David Blaine app? Read on to find out how.

Think of 10×10 as an online news patchwork quilt. It’s constructed every hour of every day by an automated program which scans RSS feeds from international news sources and selects the top 100 pictures which correlate with the news.

Unlike the website the phone app doesn’t display all 100 pictures at once, instead you’ll see around 20 per page. A feature that both the web and phone app includes is the history function, allowing you to select a date and hour since 2004 and then get the pictures of what was happening on that date within that hour.  It’s a great way to catch-up with the news rather than trawling through your RSS feed and it’s pretty simple to use, by all accounts.

10×10 mobile is available now in Ovi Store and it’s free. The app runs on Nokia S60 5th edition (Touch UI) devices and does need an internet connection to get up and running. Watch the video for more.