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April 6, 2010

Are apps becoming too intelligent? – Comment of the week

Nokia-botsGLOBAL – A few days ago we posted the latest innovation to come bursting out of Beta Labs, in the shape of a smart new app dubbed Nokia Bots and it’s sparked a bit of a discussion amongst ourselves and you guys. Grant Nokia Bots permission to invade your handset and it will endeavour to make your life easier by learning your mobile habits and tailoring solutions to streamline daily tasks. They sound impressive and look great in the walkthrough video but is this what we want, and how far should it go?

It was this question that sparked the debate that followed. This week’s award for comment of the week goes to one of you keenly involved in the discussion.

Fancy getting your two-pence worth? Join in after the jump.

acekard 2i wins our comment of the week this time round with this thought provoking nugget. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s certainly interesting with adapting UI’s but it’s a delicate balance between giving users control and becoming too intelligent.

The Shortcut bot might be way over the line if it’s too adaptive. And the alarm bot and the battery bot seems like efforts to fix initial design problems with the battery indicator and alarm clock discoverability. Why not change that instead of adding yet another widget layer?!

But well, I like the innovation spirit.”

Are our phones now too intelligent? It’s an interesting proposition. We now expect our phones to do everything from running multiple apps to accessing our emails, but how much do we want to control these? How much control would you like to have when it comes to the functions on your phone? Would you like to control everything or let the Bots do their job? Let us know.

Thanks to acekard 2i for sharing his thoughts and hopefully it sparks a debate. Enjoy the Nokia Research Center book called Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices (signed by the authors) which we’ll be sending out to you shortly.