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April 6, 2010

Nokia Research Center, Augmented Reality and Michael J Fox


GLOBAL – Here at Conversations we’ve seen the Nokia Research Center (NRC) innovate with some seriously groundbreaking concepts and technologies. It continues to put the likes of nanotechnology and health under the microscope, and is now on the frontline of the Augmented Reality scene. Rebecca Allen, Director at the NRC lab in Hollywood, will be talking and joining the discussion on all things AR-related at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The action will be kicking off on the 10 April, so join us after the jump to find out what Rebecca will be discussing, and discover what Michael J Fox is doing at this year’s biggest cross platform entertainment show.

Augmented Reality isn’t a new phenomenon for the folks over at NRC in California. For over two years it has been one of the key areas of research at the California based lab. Based on being a pioneer in the field and at the forefront of all things AR Rebecca was asked join the board on this super session.

During the aptly named “Augmented Reality: Entertainment Meets Ubiquitous Computing” session the panel, including some of the industry’s leading pioneers, will discuss the ways AR will influence everything from film making, game playing to mobile interaction.

A particularly interesting point, I think, is how this new technology will possibly blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual. In my recent piece on Augmented Reality this was a big sticking point. Do you think Augmented Reality will better or hamper our lives? Is it too much of a good thing? Would you like to see more Augmented Reality in games and films? Is Nokia Point and Find something you get excited about?

Hopefully we’ll find our more after the discussion, but it’s great to see Nokia leading the charge towards another new technology.

It won’t just be Nokia at this year’s NAB Show. The event draws in some of Hollywood’s finest and the opening speech will be conducted by none other than Marty McFly aka Michael J Fox.

The event, which will be held between the 10-15th in April in Las Vegas, has been running for a monumental 80 years and over 85,000 audio, video and film content professionals will make an appearance. Known also as the National Association of Broadcasters’ Show it’s seen as the essential destination for news on next-gen technology within the entertainment industry. Keep it locked here for all the highlights from this year’s NAB.