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Nokia N900

GLOBAL – The prolific Nseries has introduced us to phones that can double-up as portable computers, cameras and music players. The line-up has been at the forefront of Nokia’s flagship handsets and mobile devices since the Nokia N70 back in 2005.  In the past four years we’ve seen the Nokia N86, Nokia N95, Nokia N82, Nokia N97 and most recently the Nokia N900, Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N8. But underneath the hoods are there secrets lurking? Here we take and in-depth look at the Nseries to tell you everything you need to know.

Join us after the jump for an Nseries shaped lesson.

1. The Nokia N95 was the first to introduce GPS and Maps
The Nokia N95 was the first Nokia handset to come sporting Maps and usher in a well-rounded GPS navigation service to mobile devices. It didn’t just store generic country maps, but rather it welcomed the sorts of detailed local maps that we’re used to now. It was the first smartphone to offer voice-commands on the fly and deliver maps for 100 countries. Its GPS talents enabled you to easily plan your route, as well as search and find local points of interest in a fuss-free fashion.

2. OTA software updates are a go on Nseries.
The behemoth of the Nokia N97 can update itself there and then when you’re out and about. It’s simple enough, just enter the code *#0000# into the handset select options and check for updates. If there’s one available go ahead and download away.

If you happen to have another Nseries device follow step one and two and your phone will display a code – write it down and head here for any software updates.

3. The Nokia N800 was the first Nseries device to run Maemo and the Nokia N900 is likely to be the last
If you own a Maemo device it’s set to become a collectors item as the Nokia N900 is likely to be the last handset running the OS. It’s not consigned to the archives just yet as it’ll be joined by Intel’s Moblin to create a super-OS in the form of MeeGo. We’re yet to see any devices running the much talked about OS but it looks set to be a game-changing platform thanks to its ability to easily adapt to different product types – MeeGo will feature on media phones, netbooks, connected TVs, in-vehicle entertainment units and beyond. MeeGo is designed from the ground up to be open in every way. Combining the best of both Maemo and Moblin, and their respective developer communities, it’ll deliver a range of new experiences for users, including changes to computing, communications, multitasking and multimedia. Users will be able to easily move their applications from one device to another and use the same applications on a range of different devices. Hungry for more? Check out the hands-on videos from the folks at Intel.

4. All current Nseries devices come packing Carl Zeiss lenses.
Indeed each and every of of the current Nseries pack comes sporting a Carl Zeiss lens. Renowned for top quality pictorial goodness, the first Zeiss lens Nseries came in the form of the N90 back in 2005 and since then no less than 16 phones have paraded into view with the lenses. Check out this video with Helmut Heier, Sales & Marketing Director at Carl Zeiss for a bit more history on the partnership.

5. Nokia Nseries devices are the most advanced in the Nokia range.
Think of the Nseries as the all-singing, all-dancing mobiles of this world. Launched as a range with multimedia alchemy at its core, the devices soon became a line-up of smartphones packed with the best array of cutting-edge features packed cleverly into a single device. Nseries has welcomed the likes of the Nokia N86, Nokia’s first 8MP camera phone, the N95, one of Nokia’s most popular devices ever, and the desktop-esque experience offered by the N900. And of course most recently the 12-megapixel touting Nokia N8.

6. Watch this Nseries shaped space
The Nokia N900 looks like it will be the last in this range but changes are a foot and it all comes down to the naming conventions and the Nokia N8 heralded that change. Post-the N900, the Nseries will remain the flagship and the most advanced range of products, but we’ll be seeing a new range of numbers following in the footsteps of the N8. Starting from one and climbing to 9, each will signify the range of functionality on offer, and the approximate prices of the devices. So the N900 will be the last in the current line-up but it won’t be the final Nseries by a long shot.

7. The Nseries leading designer is unfortunately (or fortunately?) not Axel Rose.
Although we’re pretty sure that having the lead singer of Guns & Roses would result in some interesting devices, Axel Meyer the Nseries designer is doing a fine job. The creative bod has been behind the Nokia N97 and a bucket of others. Check out these behind the scenes videos with Axel and the whole of the design team for a glimpse of the design process in action.

8. The Nokia N8 is the first Nokia to come toting a 12-megapixel camera and the capability to record HD footage
Nseries is renowned for its pictoral prowess and the fresh-from-the-drawing-board Nokia N8 is no different. It’s the first Nokia to sport a 12-megapixel camera with the most advanced imaging talents ever to appear in a Nokia smartphone, but the firsts don’t end there – it’s also leading the charge when it comes to capturing HD video footage in stunning 720p. As they say seeing is believing cast your eyes on these first sample photos and first sample HD video captured using the Nokia N8.

9. Over 17 million pictures uploaded in Flickr are from Nseries devices. A mind boggling 2.4 billion friends are tagged in Facebook using Nseries devices and .
Can you believe it? A little nugget of trivia for you to take away. We’re off to take some pics and make new friends to get that number doubled pronto.

10. Over nine hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute from an Nseries device
And we’re sure there’ll be more to come thanks to the Nokia N8. Check out this latest offering from the behemoth Nokia N8 as it shows-off it’s HD video recording prowess.