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GLOBAL – For several months now, the guys at Irkafirka have been browsing through our posts every week to find that one special comment that makes it into their drawing pad, then onto your wall at home. But which one has been your favourite out of the collection? Let’s take a quick poll to find out.

The people behind Irkafirka, Nick and Chris, started doodling on the back of their school books back in the 80s. It’s now 2011 and they’re still doodling. Nowadays, however, they search the world of Twitter, making visual representations of people’s tweets within 24 hours of the tweet. They’ve been doing the same for us here on Nokia Conversations, but instead of tweets, they use our comments to find inspiration. We’ve enjoyed looking at their artwork and hope you have too. However, we’re keen to know what you – our readers – prefer so they can continue to sharpen their pencils and flick over the pages of their notepads to keep bringing you the best, most unique pieces of art possible. Vote for your favourite so far:

1. Nokia Lottery Scams

2. Fitness on your mobile

3. Ovi Maps restaurant recommendations

4. The Poodle Loop

5. Pelicans and greenfly

6. This time it’s personal

7. Dropping a brick

8. Gimme a T.R.O.L.L

9. Publishing on the fly

10. Nokia MeeGo user experience

11. CEO Stephen Elop examines the diamonds

12. Poor little green pigs

13. Bluetooth headset, ear boxes

14. Nokia N8, shipping excitment

15. The instant gratification generation

16. Preferring plums

17. The round man

18. Sad panda

19. Feeling underdressed

Place your votes, matching the number of the pictures above, to the numbers in the poll below:

Let’s not forget Irkafirka are up for a Shorty Award. So if you’re fans, head over and show some love.

Thanks for voting, we’ll go through the votes next week and reveal our winner. Don’t forget, any of your comments will be looked at by these guys and – if you’re lucky – turned into a unique drawing for you to keep.