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April 5, 2011

Five fun new games for the Nokia N8

GLOBAL – In our last round up of apps from Ovi Store, we took ten apps suitable for children. This time we’ve selected five new games that will see you spending your free time beating your high-scores with trying to escape the law, keep aircraft in the air or even competing with opponents online. Read on to check them out.

I Must Run!, £1.00

Arrested for the murder of a would-be robber, your incarceration is short-lived as your wife’s life is in danger on the outside. There’s only one way for you to save her, and that’s to go on the run. You start the game having already broken out of prison and on the roof top of the prison compound. You spend the rest of the game running – with police helicopters looking for their lost prisoner you need to run and jump across the gaps in between buildings, dodging different obstacles that often slow you down.

Copter It!, £Free

This is a game that’s been played over the years under different names, but this latest version offers more colour than the one I’m used to. As far as controls go, this one is the absolute simplest. You control a helicopter as it flies through a tunnel, but you need to avoid the rocks by pressing anywhere on the screen. Press the screen and the helicopter rises higher into the air, release your finger and it drops to the ground. Predicting whether you need to maintain a high or low altitude is part of the challenge, as there’s always something to crash into around the corner. Easy, but addictive.

Speed X, £1.00

Making use of your phone’s accelerometer you control the game by tilting the phone left or right. The idea of Speed X is to avoid the giant coloured blocks that get in your way as you navigate through a never-ending 3D tunnel, that bends in all directions making it hard to see what’s obstacle is coming up next. At certain points in the game, the tunnel will unfold and reverse, leaving you on the outside desperately still trying to avoid anything that gets in your way. Collecting power-ups mean you can destroy some blocks, or collect lives to help you on your journey.

Star Diamonds Capture, £Free

The first thing to mention is that you need to register to play this game, which I was surprised to see. But there is a reason. It’s a multiplayer game, that connects you to other players across the world: my first game saw me playing with somebody from Bosnia. Much like any other tile-puzzle game, you must complete rows of three or more of different jewels in order to win some points, aiming for combos that will give you an advantage over your opponent. After each game, you’re given the chance to chat to your new found gaming-buddy using the built-in chat client.

Flight Control, £3.00

There’s little chance any of us will ever have the opportunity to be an air traffic controller. It’s a lot of responsibility, ensuring all the planes in the sky are in the right place at the right time. This game puts you in the control tower, meaning you have to make sure the aeroplanes don’t crash as you try to navigate them into the airport onto a couple of runways. As the aircraft enters your screen, touching the plane and drawing a path with your finger to the correct runway sees them landing safely. Or not, as the case may be.

Have you tried these games yet? Which was your favourite game? Let us know, below.

image credit: Markyboy81

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