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OOSTZAAN, The Netherlands – Have you ever wondered what would happen if you buried a phone in a flowerbed for a year? No, us neither. But that didn’t stop our interest being piqued when we got an email from Karin Vaneker telling her tale of exactly that.

About a year ago Karin lost her Nokia 3110 Classic. She had no idea when or where, exactly, but didn’t bother to do anything about it (finding, or replacing it). Then, last week, her daughter walked in. “Mum, I’ve just found your phone. In the flowerbed. Between the Tulips and the Narcissuses”.

Initially Karin didn’t think her phone would work. Then her sister suggested the phone “has to work because it’s a Nokia” (we blush). One battery charge later and the 3110 Classic sprang sharply back to life.

Nokia’s test regime is pretty rigorous but we’ve not yet seen any sign of a buried-in-the-ground type of test.

Long term readers will of course remember the various places Nokia devices have been found previously. Our favourites, in order are:

We also have an interesting tail from a while back of what happened when I found a phone in the woods. Do you have any other unusual phone finding tales? Let us know in the comments below.