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October 27, 2011

Nokia World Day One – wrap up

So, the lights are off, the chairs are tucked under the table and the floors are buffed ready for tomorrow. What happened on Day One of Nokia World, and more importantly what did the people who were there think of the day?

The simplest way to do this is to go through the day as it happened. Deep breath, here goes…

Stephen Elop’s Keynote

Pic from Rafe Blandford – Stephen Elop is in the pic, we promise 🙂

In this speech, Stephen Elop mentioned many ways in which Nokia was moving forward – Connecting the Next Billion, Bridging the Digital Divide, Investing in Future Disruption and the Nokia N9 among them.

Then he moved on (with the help of his colleagues) to the new phone announcements:

The Nokia Asha ‘family’

Another pic from the All About Symbian gents – from this great set

The Asha 200, 201 (which we previewed earlier) the 300 and the 303 (that we wrote about too!) S40 phones were introduced by relating each of the new phones to real life stories from around the world. Phones that deliver real life solutions to real life phone demands. Oh, and Angry Birds too!

Next up, the….

Lumia 800

From Vaibhav Sharma’s Lumia 800 set – good stuff Vaibhav

Met with a strong round of applause, the Lumia 800 emerged from the jacket pocket with a flourish. The details, it was all about the details – from the inky black screen to the individually machined speaker holes (to make them as small as possible). The Lumia 800 is, and you’ll see this quote a lot, the ‘first real Windows phone’. Indeed Kevin Shields (Senior VP, Program and Product Management for the Smart Device) said the purpose of the phone was to ‘surprise you at every turn’.

So what do those who have had some hands on time with the Nokia Lumia 800 think of it? Khidr Suleman of The Inquirer reckons that it ‘exudes high quality craftmanship’. Clinton Jeff says it’s ‘definitely a beauty’ due to its close design resemblence to the N9. Mark Guim even managed to grab a quick unboxing video (and you know how much I like those!):

So, onto….

The Nokia Lumia 710

Awesome Lumia 710 pic from The Verge

Chris Ziegler from The Verge has shared an great gallery of the Nokia Lumia 710, including a few initial thoughts on the phone. From the interchangeable battery cover (available in differing colours and in matte or glossy variants) to the ‘chunkier body’ (compared to the Lumia 800). He too shares a video:

The guys at Phone Arena think that the affordability of the Lumia 710 is a great feature as it has ‘nearly the same guts’ as the 800. Ben Rudolph at The Window Blog has some thoughts and pics too. He calls the Lumia 710 a ‘no-nonsense smartphone that’s designed to perform’ and highlights the fact that he thinks Nokia is ‘re-committing itself to building the best smartphones on the planet’

The Lumia 710 from Ben Rudolph – he likes

That’s the phones wrapped up, was there anything else? Ah yes…


Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, Nokia Pulse, Mix Radio and the ESPN Sports hub were also announced today. As damaster says on LiveSide, Nokia is ‘certainly doing a lot of work to differentiate itself’. That enough for you? No? How about an upgraded Live View, as reported by Robin Wauters on TechCrunch? The Nokia Public Transportation app?

Or the Nokia Purity headset? Chip Chick likes the fact that mobile headsets will never be the same – ‘a very good thing’.

Phew. Time to go for a lie down because…there’s more exciting announcements to come tomorrow!

What was your highlight from today? What are you thinking might be in store for tomorrow? Leave us a comments or share your reflections @Nokia_Connects