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The greatest selection from this week’s global music scene, be it new or old, chosen by your resident Nokia Conversations music maestro, DJ Brewatune. Find only the most select tunes from the Nokia Music Store.

T-ara – Bo Beep Bo Peep‬
Take a hint of trance, a dash of electro and whack the speed up to 182 bpm and here you have the cheekiest pop song from the last three years! As brash as Rihanna but as mental as Gabba, the vibe of this track sets the pace for any night out.

Last Thursday I dropped this tune either side of some Indie tunes at my club night in London… I have never seen a crowd bounce so much! For starters ‘Bo Beep’ exudes innocence with its clever title, but that all changes when you reach that electro drop of booty shaking madness.

T-ara have made themselves a worldwide success in just under three years, adding a further two members to their entourage before releasing their top peaking singles ‘Good Person’ and ‘Women Generation’. Bo Beep Bo Beep has enthralled the dance scene since its release in 2009, and has been cut-up and reworked by every DJ imaginable.  

T-ara at Nokia Music

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Too Phat ft. Reefa – Bla Bla
Too Phat are a cut above the rest, representing original Malaysian roots, injected with modern bass loops, they cut through the slimy world of Rap/Hip Hop moneymakers and bring a true representation of what the streets Kuala Lumpur should sound like.

Borrowed stylings from an American dominated scene are pushed to the limit, with lyrics that wouldn’t sound out of place amongst D12 and the Harlem stoops of 1970. ‘Bla Bla’ attacks the endless tirade of rubbish that comes out of people’s mouths, and basically says, ‘look we’re tired of listening, now HEAR US!’

One half of Too Phat, Joe Flizzow (aka The President) has created his own label, ‘Kartel Records’, and launched their own KL caps, providing a voice for the youth of Malaysia’s capital. Great vision and talent have made this man a living legend.

Too Phat feat. Reefa at Nokia Music

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Tu To Na Aayi – F4
Reminiscent of a long lost treasure trove of pop, F4 reclaim the classic situation of four boys falling for the same girl. And it’s a romantic notion of love. Borrowing some Electro design flavours and a cheeky tendency for fun, these lads have engineered a fresh approach to the tired 90s boy band flavour, making it tasty and current.

A success from Taiwanese reality music drama Meteor Garden, Jerry, Vanness, Ken and Vic have had numerous chart toppers all over Asia, as far as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan! Being the best of buds seems to be the vibe from every featured interview. They have a work hard, play hard mentality and a passion for success.

With its unique lighting and cinematography, the video tells the tale of their fight for one girl’s affection. Each boy attempts a different method of seduction but who wins… you never find out, in this tongue-in-cheek take. Well worth a listen.

Tu To Na Aayi at Nokia Music

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Teri Sajni – Master saleem
Teri Sajni have a passion for music and love in their heart. Working from the richness of their souls, they write blissful and effective lyrics over the top of a sweeping pop loop that echoes the fractured lives they lead, incomplete without romance.

Taken from their hometown of Chandigrah, Teri Sajni are a bright bunch of lads, happiest at home with their families. This latest outing by the chirpy trio, sees one boy struggling to express his enchanting fondness for the one girl he loves. Affections are pushed aside by a series of missed opportunities.

Shot on a waterfront in a typical coastal Indian setting, this truly is a shocking reality of how hard it is to find that one moment with you and your girl. Clever use of light makes for an alluring encounter.

Master Saleem at Nokia Music

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Al-Muallim – Sami Yusuf
This lad has beautiful resonance to his voice. Imagine standing atop the rolling hills of Pakistan, surrounded by your family and closest people in your life, and hearing a voice trail along with the evening dusk.

Sami has that haunting quality that so many solo artists aspire to achieve. ‘Al-muallim’ or ‘The Teacher’ floats with such grace and fluidity that it leaves you breathless. The soft notes of Urdu origin are perfectly pitched, and the personal production quality of this song make for a peaceful and enlightening experience.

Sami Yusuf at Nokia Music

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