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GLOBAL – With 33 categories of interest – including sports, technology, politics, world news, videogames, wine, comic books, art, celebrity gossip, movies and travel – Weave puts all your news under one roof.

The Weave app makers searched for the highest quality blog and news sources to bring you a compelling daily read, which is fully customizable.

Weave lets you select the categories you are interested in, and within seconds you have have your own magazine.

The Seles Games interface is seductive, with fast performance especially on the Nokia Lumia Windows tiles. You can add new categories and sources include CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Engadget, USA Today, NY Times, IGG and Entertainment Weekly.

So you are guaranteed quality content.

It’s easy to share articles via email and Facebook and Twitter. I found it at the App Highlights tile on My Lumia 800, where you can try before you buy at £2.29. But it’s well worth the money.

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