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Poor prince Andrei

GLOBAL – I actually read Leo Tolstoy’s entirely epic War and Peace when I was 18 and am not intending to give it a second outing before retirement age.

However, it’s a great example of why installing the Kindle app on your Nokia Lumia 800 is an excellent idea. The edition of the novel sitting on my shelf weighs in at around two pounds – there’s nearly 1500 pages in the thing. It is a weighty tome, indeed.

Now, the main time I have for reading anything apart from mobile phone blogs and spec sheets is while I’m travelling to work and back. So I’m already carrying my laptop, charger, phones, various cables and stationery. Probably a bottle of water and a snack, too. Add a two-pound book and my back is going to be in trouble. 

Put it on the Nokia Lumia 800, though, and it weighs nothing. 

If you need persuading to read the actual book, let me just say that despite it being more than 20 years since I read it, I can recall a number of specific scenes vividly right now. The one portrayed above – which I can’t really explain without spoilers – is utterly devastating.

What are your e-book recommendations for a Tolstoy-lover?

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